Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Voting for Sanders Isn't Enough. We Need Trump.

I know what you're thinking, and yes, we all hate him. Hell, I suspect even his constituency hates him. But for just a few moments I want you to entertain the notion with an open mind. As a country we've tried to abolish poverty, racism, and sexism through legislation, education, and dialogue. While we have indeed made some meager strides toward these goals, they've been largely ineffective. It's been an estimated one-thousand, nine-hundred and eighty three years since the death of a man who espoused such radical notions as feeding those who cannot feed themselves, loving one another, and forgiving each other’s transgressions. That's an estimated 66 generations that have handed down this man's teachings to a world that is populated by 32% of his followers and yet, this country has only recently given homosexuals the same rights as straight people.

The people who are voting for Bernie Sanders are well-intentioned, but it's not enough. It's time to choose the nuclear option. In order to inspire the amount of disdain, anger, and violence that it takes to produce a true revolution, we need to elect Donald Trump.

Failed Revolutions
Before you overreact, think back to the 1960's. Revolution was inevitable. The Black Panthers and the Hippies and The Weather Underground were on a course to change the planet. Whether or not that was for the better is of course debatable, but all of those failed for the same reason: Tiny Victories. A tiny victory is allowing Blacks to have equal rights while over 60% of the population incarcerated are Black. A tiny victory is allowing women the right to vote while keeping their wages 21% lower than males. A tiny victory is giving Americans the promise of free health care, while instituting a complex system that financially penalizes them for not purchasing it. These tiny victories have been just enough to appease the populace and keep revolution at bay.

The world has always had an undercurrent of racism and sexism in our populace that inevitably re-emerges when a leader such as this rears its ugly head from the cesspool of human-indecency. Our only chance at cleansing this mark against humanity is to clearly identify the enemy by putting them into absolute power so that they may be violently overthrown. It's time that we stop thinking about our own well-being and resign ourselves to losing a battle in an effort to win the war. We need to subject our children to absolute hell. Like a spur to a horse, let us provoke a new generation with a leader and a constituency that is openly sexist, racist, and homophobic. Let us finally do away with gently teaching the upcoming class of young men and women to be good to one another through gentleness and love. Let us reintroduce the rod to show our children the horrors of this world so that they will be forced to fix it themselves.

Nixon Clash Joe Strummer Umberto D Margret Thatcher
Exceptional art comes from
exceptional times
If one needs proof that having a tyrant in charge of the country inspires the best that humanity is capable of, simply look to the arts. While the vile creature that was President Nixon was in power we were gifted with songs such as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's Ohio. As a response to the overlord that was Margret Thatcher, we received the gift that was The Clash. But it's not just music, Italy's world-war torn economy led to the birth of the Italian Neorealism Movement which focused on the glum, meaninglessness of life in such beautiful films as Umberto D. Hell, even before modern media the Dadaism Movement sprang forth in the early twentieth century as a response to the First World War. Give humans tiny victories and they remain complacent. Give them a tyrannical force of oppression and hurt them during hard times and that's when you see the true mettle of man, the product of which will inspire generations to come.

From Far Wreck Chords
Like many of us, I had the horrendous honor of growing up under the power that was the George W. Bush Regime. As he invaded a country under false-pretenses while using fabricated evidence, I got to watch the biggest powers of Rock N' Roll and Punk Rock come together in the unified spirit of waking up the youth. Unfortunately, as is their habit, the youth chose to remain dormant. The reason for this is that George W. was passively evil, not actively. The poor sap was little more than a marionette controlled by Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Chaney, and Karl Rove and thus, not truly repugnant enough to inspire change. This is where Trump oozily outshines his competition, he represents the worst of the bottom of the barrel, and as Mark Twain once said. "If we would learn what the human race really is at bottom, we need only observe it in election times."

Trump will inspire the change this country yearns for while triggering the type of change this country needs. They will get the chance to spit their rhetoric about keeping Muslim's out of the country while we read books to our children about how our land was once a home offered to refugees. They will eliminate half of their army by kicking out gay's and women as we recruit from their castaways. They will bask in their entitled white-heterosexual-male excess like the Roman Orgies of old while we teach our children the guerilla tactics of Che Guevara. Hitler came to power under the popular misconception that the Jewish people were to blame for their problems. If our country wishes to be ruled by a man who blanketly blames Muslims for the threat of terrorism and Mexican's for a lack of jobs, then by god let America grow fat on a third helping of desert while we gruelingly train for battle.

Trump in 2016
If a large population in our country is prepared to run Donald Trump for President of the United States, then we need him to become the President of the United States. If the Republican Party no longer represents small-government and fiscal conservatism, then let it stand for blinding hatred and let us wholly embrace them for it. If this is indeed the way that the nation is swaying, then let us do away with tiny victories and let them have this one for once. Let us all stand back and watch the country fall so that we might one day actually reclaim it from the people that seek to destroy it.

Voting in Bernie Sanders would be just another Tiny Victory that we don't need.

We need a hard loss.
Vote for Donald Trump.


  1. While I appreciate your intent, this is a position that only the childless (and secure) can afford to take. We do need revolution, but a revolution is towards something; without a leader it's not a revolution; it's just dissolution. It's a fucking prayer in the dark. And you're the one encouraging the darkness.

    If you think the misery this orange muppet will bring to the country and the world will somehow inspire us to greatness, phoenix out of the ashes style, then you might want to find a single historical precedent.

    Things are already shit. You want to make them worse for the protest music? Because you think (bet) that somehow this time being exposed to our worst instincts will teach us a lesson? At what cost? And who's paying it? Are you fighting in the wars Trump starts?

    This post is some seriously ungrounded optimism. And you're espousing it at our expense.

    1. yeah i kinda agree with the only other comment.

    2. i'ma just gonna leave this 'white privilege' comment here. you do what you want with it.

    3. Dear anonymous, or anonomi (what the hell is the plural of anonymous?) I love that you think I'm espousing anything at anyone's expense, but anyone who reads this and thinks it's anything other than satire, well, perhaps you should sit this election out if you think this could actually be a rational viewpoint.

      Furthermore, the first post is somewhat eloquently stated, and the two subsequent comments devolve into words that are not only un-capitalized, but literally start with "i'ma" I sincerely hope you were sober at first and slowly fell down the rabbit hole of thinking my point valid and becoming both more inebriated and angry because you thought for yourself for a brief moment and well done for that.

      Please, please, don't leave me with just these three comments as I have nothing better in life to do that read them and write responses like this. I am, for the first time in days, sincerely amused and i'ma gonna hope you continue to stick around for a while.