Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Open Letter to Our Electoral College

The following letter was also sent privately to all members of the Electoral College that have published their contact information. A list of their emails can be found at the bottom.

Dearest Electors,
Sometimes the most important battles to fight are the ones you know you have no chance of winning. Do I believe that this letter will convince any or all of you to change your mind? No. But I’m not interested in winning. On this day, November 15th 2016, I can say that I did the only thing I was able to do in order to prevent this country's potential downfall. I can hold my head up high until the end of my days knowing that I made my voice as loud as I possibly could. I write this in desperate hopes that you too may choose this route, not to fight because we will win, but to fight because it’s what a rational, patriotic American should do.

I do not know what interests Donald Trump represents. Perhaps big business, perhaps Russian, or maybe it’s only his own, but I do know whose interests he does not represent and that is the American people. We have allowed Russia to influence our election. The America I grew up loving, the America I was taught about in history books, would never allow a dictatorship with opposing interests to have a hand in any decision made on our soil. We must not allow this. Trump was briefed that Russia was involved in this and willfully misrepresented the situation to the country. I consider this nothing short of treasonous behavior. 

The American President should represent the best aspects of our country and I wake up at night in fear of this man and the irrevocable damage he is capable of doing both here and abroad. It is this type of fear that is sparking protests all around the United States.  One does not need to consult any source in the “liberal media” to come to a conclusion about the dangerous character of the man, one can simply listen to his own words. I do not have the space in this letter, or the will to revisit many of his racist, sexist comments, but I never dreamed we may be looking at a president who once said the words “Grab her by the pussy”, let alone think I would have to type those words to our Electoral College representatives.

This goes far beyond party lines. John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan, are all decent, hardworking Americans who I do not see eye to eye with. Yet, with any of them in charge, I would not lose a moments sleep as I believe in my heart of hearts that they are good, well-intentioned people who have a deep love and respect for this country. This isn’t about being a sore loser, I personally do not identify as a Democrat. This isn’t about social issues. This isn’t about immigration. This is about a true danger to democracy and the pulling of wool over our eyes due to Russian interference.

Before winning, Donald Trump cast doubt on our great nations’ democratic system by claiming it rigged. It is truly frightening to consider that he may have been telling the truth, but not in the way we thought. We are putting a man into power that stated he may not accept the outcome of an election unless it benefited him. What is stopping this man from claiming the exact same thing if he is voted out in 2020? Only this time, he will have the power of a military behind him. 

Do you have the ability to change that? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. But by either voting for another party or abstaining your electoral vote you could at least know that you didn’t contribute to it. You could look at your children, grandchildren, sons, daughters, neighbors, and strangers and know in the depths of your soul that it wasn’t because you didn’t do anything. I am standing up and fighting a battle I have no chance of winning. 

Please join me.
Josh Roush

Click Read More for Contact Info for our Electoral College

Known Contact Email Addresses for our Electoral College: 
perryo@palomarins.com, gradylaurat@aol.com, fburt@baldwincountyal.gov, wsellers@balch.com, wadsworth@centurytel.net, jepeters65@knology.net, info@seanparnellak.com, arwcyes@yahoo.com, bash@paulashmgt.com, sharongiese08@yahoo.com, paddywagon@cox.net, jane518@cox.net, jwo@ronnoco3.com, Jdsjonelle@aol.com, keithg@pinncom.com, swright028@yahoo.com, tommyland@sbcglobal.net, larry.ahern@myfloridahouse.gov, info@kbblawfl.com, michael.barnett1@gmail.com, benacquisto.lizbeth@flsenate.gov, John.P.Browning@sjrwmd.com, nickdiceglie@gmail.com, jthomasou@hotmail.com, joegruters@gmail.com, blais.ingoglia@myfloridahouse.gov, chairman@rpocitrus.org, smm2043@gmail.com, joenegron@joenegron.com, pateclint@yahoo.com, ray.rodrigues@myfloridahouse.org, carlos.trujillo@myfloridahouse.org, christian@christiangop.com, casiebryantgop@gmail.com, jfgrammer@comcast.net, righty1127@aol.com, 1103lhut@bellsouth.net, cfpaynejr@hotmail.com, jblakesilvers@gmail.com, sbeckley@indiana.gop, laura@hamiltoncountygop.org, jcardwell@indiana.gop, Donald.hayes@twc.com, rlkpatrick55@gmail.com, ethan_manning@yahoo.com, kelly@votekellymitchell.com, chuck@clwilliamscompanies.com, mark@kahrsforkansas.com, mark.kahrs@house.ks.gov, ron@treasurer.ks.gov, clayton@ksgop.org, kellyarnold@yahoo.com, jj.skaggs@twc.com, lasleywarrengop@gmail.com, medsingleton@gmail.com, info@trahanlaw.com, lharsch@nobts.edu, louisavallone@mac.com, info@montinotary.com, samhunt59@yahoo.com, kellym2377@yahoo.com, judyrapanos@aol.com, wdseelig@gmail.com, ensign2415@comcast.net, briansfairbrother@gmail.com, kecrider@gmail.com, hankfuhs@juno.com, wyerger@bellsouth.net, irelandwinslow@att.net, gyclerk@centurytel.net, nancyballance@aol.com, vondene@bresnan.net, tomtuckins@outlook.com, craig@trisag.com, tl862@reagan.com, cstaley@ltdkate.com, marthanjenkins@gmail.com, Lee.Green@ncgopdcca.org, olsonpc@midco.net, rcarlisle@nd.gov, olsonpc@midco.net, rcarlisle@nd.gov, mkash@suddenlink.net, cbpolitical@gmail.com, rep50@ohiohouse.gov, benjamin.keeler@mail.house.gov, judgealext@gmail.com, gwiland@tulsagop.org, pfrw@comcast.net, tchristian@dmgs.com, tpickett@pahousegop.com, areilly@swartzcampbell.com, CSIDES3@COMCAST.NET, hq@northamptoncountygop.com, lawrence.tabas@obermayer.com, sheriffbunny@comcast.net, glenn.a.mccall@gmail.com, chairman@scgop.com, cdrjr1@juno.com, atghelp@state.sd.us, jason.mumpower@cot.tn.gov, susanm@blountgop.org, c.holiway@att.net, lynnedavisrealtor@gmail.com, cedesigners@frontiernet.net, tomeallentom@netscape.net, shan827@gmail.com, gopdrewster@att.net, rex.lamb@yahoo.com, clarkken@juno.com, scottmann@verizon.net, votemarianstanko@gmail.com, tinagibsonsd17srec@gmail.com, info@alexkim.com, tomknightnow@aol.com, Marian.knowlton@gmail.com, rteter@dpisd.org, jon@jewettnevada.com, loren.byers@verizon.net, kriskimball.kk@gmail.com, ccteng@byu.edu, RSnelgrove@slco.org, rrfforputnamcounty@gmail.com, rrfforcommissioner@gmail.com, info@patrickmorrisey.com, ann@annurling.com, macwarner@warnerforsos.com, info@billcoleforwv.com, bill@billcoleforwv.com, kimtrvs@gmail.com, kimbabler@hotmail.com, brianwestrate@gmail.com, dan@feyenforsenate.com, richards.tlr@gmail.com, newsrelease@politico.com, 

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