Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm releasing my debut EP "We'd Be Fools...."

I’m finally releasing my debut solo EP "We'd Be Fools....". Why did it take nearly a year to complete? Work man, lots and lots of work, the occasional 100 hour week in fact. But hell, two sentences and I’ve already digressed.

A few weeks ago my buddy asked me if I had released the album yet, to which I glumly and obviously said that I had not. As the conversation took its natural path (just as it had many, many times before with others) he asked me how much money I expected to make off of the release. None, I answered. I just want to put it out into the world and see if anyone takes notice, which I in no way expect them to. It’s the same reason I’ve always created short films, music, writing, etc… creating is the only thing that makes me feel at peace.

Then he had a great idea, “Why not just donate the proceeds to charity” he asked, “Give them all the money you make and maybe a few more people will check it out”. Brilliant. I wish I had thought of it.

So I contacted the only person I knew involved in charity work, Jamie Walton, who I some dealings with through a mutual acquaintance. I asked her if she would be down if I gave her what LITTLE proceeds the EP MIGHT make, and she was very receptive.

So, in short, all money made from the sale of this EP will be donated to “The Wayne Foundation” whose “vision is for a world without child slavery” and whose mission is to “provide young women who have fallen victim to commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking with a means of leaving the sex industry for good.” Sounds great to me, in fact, how can you not get behind that?

To prove that all money is going to them, at ANY time at ANYONES request I will publish a screenshot of the money made VS the money paid out. It’s that simple. I’m even covering the $60 fee it costs to host the songs per year via all of the digital distributors.

Always incredibly raw, sometimes incredibly aggressive, sometimes incredibly depressing, and probably not very good whatsoever, every bit of the album was recorded by me in my garage and bedroom.

Below are the details of the album, where you can buy it, and even a preview of it with a free downloadable track.

Every track sold digitally makes full proceeds minus the distributors cut. Unfortunately every physical CD sold on Amazon only gets 55cents of every purchase. Why? No idea, blame fucking Amazon, they charge $9.45 to produce the CD, art, and case.

You can buy the Physical Amazon Edition here of which comes with 4 additional bonus tracks…

Or you can buy the digital version here, and on nearly every other music downloading service by typing “Josh Roush” into it….

Just don’t click on “Josh Rouse”, that dudes been stealing my Google searches for years.

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