Saturday, April 13, 2013

1 Year Later...

Damn, it's been a year since I updated this blog. I'd like to say that time flies, but alas, it's been one long fucking year. I'm going to keep this post clear of my personal life, and only speak of my professional life, perhaps a blog entry down the road would be justified, but now is not the right time. Hell... it's not even close to the right time.

Since I last wrote a post, I've done some amazing shit. I flew to Australia to shoot Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith's "Jay and Silent Bob Get Old" tour which is now available on Netflix as "Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under". I spent the entire summer shooting and editing for Kevin's S.I.T. YouTube channel while still working full-time at Sony. I spent damn near every Saturday night shooting Hollywood Babble-On with Kevin and Ralph Garman, and I spent the Friday nights assistant editing the Hulu show "Spoilers". It was an insane year filled with many, many 100+ hour weeks and days with little sleep... and I wouldn't trade the experience for the world.

Also, In March I had the honor to work with one of my best friends on the planet, Nick Dellaposta. Nick and I started our first band "Adorn" when we were both 13 years old, and have been close ever since. Nick recently released the debut album by his new band "To No End" titled "Curio". We took the opportunity to fly him out to Hollywood,  grab together my friends and crew-members, and make one hell of a music video "Somthin' Wrong With You" that we released through Kevin Smith's previously mentioned S.I.T. YouTube channel! We even got Jason Mewes to make a short guest appearance!

What is more exciting than the past year that I've had? This coming year.This year will see the birth of my first short flick in years titled "Rodney Redbottom" which I co-wrote with my buddy Brandon Mosavian. This is the first in a series of three shorts that I am writing & directing with my co-conspirator and producer,Olivia Banks. These will be screened independently via film festivals, and later combined with five original, unscreened shorts and released as a full length, chapter driven movie featuring heavy character cross-pollination, all taking place in the same small town. I've got a few names attached to star... but for the moment, I'll leave that up to your imagination...

In addition to that, I'll be continuing to shoot Hollywood Babble-On, working full-time at Sony, and working on miscellaneous projects as they come up. The first of these will be at the end of this month when we shoot the "Jay and Silent Bob Super Groovy Cartoon Movie" Q&A live in Sacramento!!! I've also been moonlighting shooting some BTS/EPK material for a major Hollywood flick that I'm not sure I'm allowed to name drop.

So, in light of the lack of time I will soon have, I set aside a few hours this week, and took advantage of the calm before the shit-storm that will be the coming year. I completely updated my website with my recent work that I have mentioned, and even cut myself a new demo reel. I'm also making a pledge to myself that I will begin making at least one, preferably two new blog posts a week in order to keep my writing chops sharp.

So until next time, stay sick y'all

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