Monday, April 29, 2013

A Quick Review Of 6 New Documentaries Pt. 2

This is the second part of my review of 6 documentaries that I watched last week. So without delay, here goes:

Side By Side:

Synopsis: A Keanu Reeves narrated documentary about the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of Film VS. Digital cinema. The doc attempts to placate both sides when discussing the controversial topic with genius level filmmakers such as Christopher Nolan, George Lucas, Danny Boyle, etc.

Review: Although this documentary attempts to be even-keeled, it noticeably gives much more screentime to the new emerging digital-age. I'm ALMOST OK with this as it is somewhat understandable to cover digital a bit more due to it's recent emergence on the scene coupled with the fact that there are hundreds of amazing docs already in existance that are devoted to only film. However, it's a bit too much, and there is a definite lack of technical facts in the analyzation of film and how that compares in quality to the uber-megapixel cameras on the market today (NOT that there is a quantitative answer, but it doesn't actually explain that). Also, it would have been nice to see a bit more in the recent DSLR camera movement.

Suggestion: If you are interested in film, it is an amazing doc, just don't expect a textbook to be presented on screen. This is more about the size/portability/quality advantages/disadvantages according to peoples thoughts and opinions, not always on fact. However, if you are looking for such things, buy yourself a textbook as this is designed to be watched by the public, not in a classroom setting.

Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure:

Synopsis: A strange tale of two roomates in San Francisco that lived next to two old men who verbally abused each other to the point of hilarity.... night after night after night. After asking them to tone it down and being threatened, they began to record the arguments for safety sake encase of a police intervention... however this soon turned into a hobby for them, and later, the tapes were circulated becaming a national phenomenon.

Review: Wow... just wow. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and this is proof of it. The two neighbors would fight in what must be one the most verbally abusive relationships that has ever existed, and the result is a dark-comedy goldmine. What's even more interesting than this is the copyright issues that come about as a result of the tapes surge of popularity. The two men who recorded these tapes started out issueing copies actively encouraging people to spread them and "remix" them into their own projects. This resulted in a variety of people making well recieved scripts, plays etc... then as greed set in, multiple parties attempted to copyright the original material in an effort to edge each other out of profits. But, it gets worse, the two bickering men recorded on tape never gave their authorization to be recorded in the first place!

Suggestion: WATCH THIS NOW!!! It is an amazing example of the corruption of money, a thought-provoking exploration of intensely intricate copyright issues, and the core-material of the two bickering men is purely fucking epic.

West Of Memphis:

Synopsis: How has no one I've talk to recently heard of The West Memphis 3? Fine, whatever, here you go: A group of kids playing in the woods get brutally murdered, and a flawed from the start police investigation pins it on 3 troubled youths despite a MOUNTAIN of evidence to the contrary. This documentary chronicles every step of the tale.

Review: I love this documentary, but unfortunately it is a great example of how people in the movie industry are retarded on the base level of shooting/ingesting footage. Some interviews suffer frame skipping, repetition, etc, but that aside (which lamens won't even notice), it is a great doc. This tackles the entire scenario of this terrible tragedy tactfully, although it is occasionally tear-jerking to watch. This is an amazing example of the problems stemming from profiling subjects, furthering political careers on the backs of wrongly accused innocents, and the power of the public if they DEMAND that a wrong be righted.... even if it takes nearly two decades. Heartbreaking, endearing, sad, and awe-inspiring.

Suggestion: This is the one doc that I didn't watch on my day off, so it took me 2 days to get through this since I was watching an early release of it during work breaks. I watched the majority of this alone in a dark room working nights, so it was a particularly brutal experience for me to watch. This sounds lame, but watch this with someone you care for as its fucking sad as shit. This deals with the death of children, false imprisonment, and has horribly intense visuals on occasion... trust me, watch this with others.

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