Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Dispatch To My Unactualized Progeny...

Dearest lads,

You've came so long, and you fought so hard, but alas, our time has come to pass.

I'm proud of the promise, strength, and resolve encapsulated in each one of you, but unfortunately, you were not destined to see your potential fruition.

You left your warm, comfortable world surmising that you would be welcomed into the balmy pursuit of life, but unknowingly, you were destined to be cast aside as so many of your kind have been before.

Life is unfair, life is cruel, and you truly deserved more than experiencing one other drown in whirlpool shortly after being propelled into achromatic absorption. For that, I apologize.

But fear not my banished once-potential stock, this is a trek that many of your kind have endured before, and as assuredly as your time alive has ceased, a new aggregation of you is perpetually forming, and with luck, one day, one of them will actually cross the finish line that is life.

Thinking of you,

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